Finding the right tool for the project is always a challenge at first. My key principals when it comes to gear is that its small and durable. Here are the top items I use on a regular basis to create my photos and videos.


Sony RX100v

I really love this camera. Its very durable (I drop it A LOT) and works amazingly well in low light situations. Although it has some limitations when it comes to audio, overall this camera has been fantastic for me in both photography and video.

DJI Mavic Air

I have a total of 3 DJI drones and this one takes the cake. Portable, well designed and reliable I love this drone. Does great in cold and wind (or better than the other 2 I have).

Lapel Mic

All voiceovers and interviews in my videos use this little guy. Its a great size and quality. I can plug it directly into my laptop or phone for easy recording.