About Me

Its way to easy to hold yourself back

I spent so much of my life scared to take chances and try new things. It stopped me from pursuing a new job, or living in a new place, or even making hard decisions about my life. That is no way to live! Fear held me back from living my best life.

So now I declare "no more!"
I now I live by the mantra "dont hold back" because I held myself back from so many experiences. 

In my vlogs and blogs you will come with me as I try something new, travel to a new place, or even explore a topic that Im curious about. 

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Quick FAQ

Where do you live? New York City! Also lived in Raleigh, NC, grew up in Tampa, FL, and born in Allentown, PA.

Are you single? Nope, 11 years and going strong.

What do you edit your vids with? Adobe Premiere Pro.

Do you have a day job? Yep sure do. See more on my work website.

What is your favorite food? Salt.

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