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I’ve had the privilege of working on many challenging and innovative digital projects over the years as a Product Strategist. Throughout my professional journey, I have helped create, organize, and execute many successful websites, apps, and digital products.

I have also seen many “not so good” ideas, and as a result, some failures.

Wanna pick my brain on your product or idea?
Wanna just test your pitch and get feedback?
Wanna just vent?

Whether you're an established company, startup, or just someone with a wild idea, hit me up.

I am free most afternoons and can meet at any WeWork in NYC.  

Go ahead, setup a time now.

I have worked and collaborated with Erin on multiple projects over the years. Her insight and experience gives her a unique perspective that adds value to our team when building products.
— Tyler Collins, Entrepreneur - LATAS and Mower
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Proposed Date
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