The town that was...

Centralia PA was once a thriving town until a devastating underground mine fire completely changed everything. Come along with us as we explore this abandoned town (that inspired the game Silent Hill) and learn its story.

Moving from my hometown and embracing fear

Leaving your hometown can be a daunting experience, I know it certainly was for me. You have your own self doubt then all the people around you getting you down on how you’re gonna “fail” - I let this negativity hold me back for many years and didn’t make the move.
I had so much regret that I didn’t - until finally one day I built up the courage to take the leap. 

Vegas Wedding and "Elvis Hair"

Two of my best friends get married in VEGAS! Oh and I dressed as Elvis…because why not…
This video has more than just that though:
 - Ill share some stuff about David Copperfield
 - We go to the Neon Museum
 - The wedding of course
 - Dancing at Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay)
 - Gambling tips from Ali and me
 - AND a helicopter ride!
I know its a lot!

Kill Your Voicemail

I know, its a hard one, but someone needs to say it.  Voicemail is SO old school!  It is already annoying enough that you have to go in and check your voice mail but then most of the time the messages are SO not necessary!  Just f***ing text that to me for Christ sake!
Ill show you what I did to put an end to people leaving me voicemails.  Let me know your thoughts.