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Vegas Wedding and "Elvis Hair"

Two of my best friends get married in VEGAS! Oh and I dressed as Elvis…because why not…
This video has more than just that though:
 - Ill share some stuff about David Copperfield
 - We go to the Neon Museum
 - The wedding of course
 - Dancing at Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay)
 - Gambling tips from Ali and me
 - AND a helicopter ride!
I know its a lot!


Ill take you down to the sub basement where the Metro North Railroad gets its power and tell you about the story of how the Natzis tried to destroy it in WW2.  Then we go underground and dodge the third rail to find the abandoned FDR train car.
This entire video including photos was all done on the iPhone6.  I also used a Gimble (stabilizer), a lapel microphone, and the Ollo Clip iPhone lenses.